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The Fourth UNISEC-Global Meeting
18-23 October, 2016

Updated on 22 December, 2016

The 7th Nanosatellite symposium, Deorbit Device Competition, the 4th Mission Idea Contest, and the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting were held on October 18-23, 2016 at the Sports and Wellness Complex Resort “Kamchia”, near the city of Varna, Bulgaria.

Program and Presentation

1st Day (18th October, 2016)
Plenary Lecture 1: Possibilities and Future Vision of Micro/nano/pico-satellites - From Japanese Experiences - downloadShinichi NakasukaUniversity of Tokyo
Session 1 Project ReportsCo-Chairs: Prof Alim Rustem Aslan (Istanbul Technical Unviersity), Prof. Ayman Hamdy Kassem (Cairo University)
NSS-07-0101Ground operation analysis of an advanced nanosatellite in near equatorial orbit downloadAbhishek RaiNanyang Technological University, Singapore
NSS-07-0102MIRKA2-RX - A Rexus Flight Experiment in Preparation for the Atmospheric Entry Cubesat Mission Cape downloadDaniel Galla and Valentin StarlingerUniversity of Stuttgart, Germany
NSS-07-0103MicroDragon: a vietnamese ocean-observation microsatellite based on Hodoyoshi architecture downloadTakashi HiramatsuKeio University, Japan
NSS-07-0104Best practices for successful lean satellite projects downloadMengu ChoKyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Session 2 C&DH, Software, Electric Power System and ArchitectureCo-Chairs: Dr. Vesselin Vassilev (CASTRA) and Prof. Shinichi Kimura (Tokyo University of Science)
NSS-07-0201Hardware and Software Modularized Approach for On-board Processing Capabilities of the Small Satellites downloadShinichi KimuraTokyo University of Science, Japan
NSS-07-0202Determination of a Mean Ballistic Coefficient and Decay Predictions for CubeSats downloadMehmet Can ÜNLÜTAI, Turkey
NSS-07-0203Reliable and Self-Configurable Flight Software Architecture for CubeSats downloadCheng-Ting WuNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Session 3 Mission IdeasCo-Chairs: Prof Shinichi Nakasuka (University of Tokyo), Prof. Masashi Kamogawa (Tokyo Gakugei University)
NSS-07-0301ESAT, the hands-on training satellite downloadIgnacio Barrios TascónUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
NSS-07-0302ASELSAT downloadSibel TürkoğluIstanbul Technical University, Turkey
NSS-07-0303Thermal Analysis for a Langmuir Probe to be used in a Re-entry CubeSat Mission downloadAngel Bernal Menéndez CifuentesNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
NSS-07-0304Practical nano-satellite monitoring of ionospheric earthquake precursors downloadMasashi Kamogawa, Shoho Togo, Hidetoshi NittaTokyo Gakugei University, Japan
NSS-07-0305Space Science Program Around Communication Engineering with High Achieving Undergraduate Cadres (SPACE HAUC): UMass Lowell's CUBESat mission downloadSupriya Chakrabartithe University of Massachusetts Lowell
Session 4 AOCS and Propulsion SystemCo-Chairs: Prof. Herman Steyn (Stellenbosch University), Prof. Nobuyuki Kaya (Kobe University)
NSS-07-0401Overview of Aoba VELOX-IV Missions; Pulsed Plasma Thruster Attitude and Orbit Control and Earth-rim Night Image Capture for A Future Lunar Mission downloadJ. Rodrigo Cordova-AlarconKyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
NSS-07-0402Dynamic control of a CubeSat Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) with propulsion for Deep-Space missions downloadKai-Chun WuNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
NSS-07-0403Electric-Rocket microPropulsion System for Nanosatellites like CubeSatdownloadYulian ProtsanLaboratory of Advanced Jet Propulsion Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

2nd Day (19th October, 2016)
Plenary Lecture 2: CubeSat an example of innovation without invention downloadJordi Puig SuariCalpoly, USA
Session 5 InfrastructureCo-Chairs: Prof. Yasuyuki Miyazaki (Nihon University), Prof. Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim (Nihon Univeresity and Cairo University)
NSS-07-0501Recent status of lean satellite related standards downloadMengu ChoKyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
NSS-07-0502Results and Future Plan of Center for Nano Satellite Testing (CeNT) downloadMengu Cho (On behalf of Hirokazu Masui)Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
NSS-07-0503Revisit Analysis of Microsatellite Constellation downloadAhmet Sezer, Orhan Çelikkaya, Başak HassoySTM Defence Technologies Engineering Inc., Turkey
NSS-07-0504A Website to Support Nanosatellite Components Exporting to Overseas downloadKeisuke KondoInfostellar, Inc., Japan
Japan Space Systems, Japan
Session 6 Communication System and Ground StationCo-Chairs: Prof. Mengu Cho (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Prof. Plamen Dankov (Sofia University)
NSS-07-0601Low Profile Tracking Ground Station Antennas and Antenna Arrays for Satellite Communications downloadMario GachevRaySat Bulgaria, Ltd., and CASTRA, Bulgaria
NSS-07-0602New Receiving Ground Antenna Using Active Phased Array Antenna for Satellites downloadNobuyuki KayaKobe University, Japan
Advanced Microwave Arrays, Inc, Japan
NSS-07-0603Overview Report of S-band Ground Station Operation and Verification for HOYU-IV Lean -Satellite downloadBonsu BenjaminKyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
NSS-07-0604Introduction of Open Platform Concept for Global Ground Station Network downloadNaomi KuraharaInfostellar, Inc., Japan
NSS-07-0605Demonstration of amateur radio transponder and fast transmitter using a CubeSat downloadTomohiro SuzukiNihon University, Japan
Session 7 New Project ConceptsCo-Chairs: Prof. Jordi Puig Suari (Calpoly), Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka (University of Tokyo)
NSS-07-0701Joint Global Multi-Nation Birds; Developing Nations' Testbed for Space Technology towards Sustainable Space Program downloadTaiwo Raphael TejumolaKyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
NSS-07-0702Certification of Lithium-ion Cells with Electrical Power Subsystem for CubeSat. downloadChia-Heng YehNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
NSS-07-0703IGOSat (Ionospheric and Gamma-ray Observations Satellite), Feedbacks from an educational CubeSat project with scientific returns through technology demonstration downloadMarco AgnanUniversité Paris Diderot, France
NSS-07-0704Integration of the Belarusian Space Research potential into International Nano/Pico Satellite Programs downloadVladimir A. SaetchnikovBelarusian State University, Belarus
NSS-07-0705Development of the First Kazakhstan Student Nanosatellite Al-Farabi-1 downloadNursultan DoszhanAl-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan
NSS-07-0706Developments in QB50 Projects and TR01/TR02 downloadMehmet Şevket UludağIstanbul Technical University, Turkey
NSS-07-0707Lunar Communications Pathfinder Mission downloadJonathan FriendSSTL, UK

3rd Day (20th October, 2016)
Click here for Deorbit Device Competition (DDC)
Exhibitor presentation
Gom SpacedownloadDennis Elgaard
InfostellardownloadNaomi Kurahara
ISISdownloadKevin Segura
Theia SpacedownloadIgnacio Barrios
Advanced Microwave Arrays, Inc.downloadNobuyuki Kaya
New Space SystemsdownloadJames Barrington-Brown
UNISEC-JapandownloadTomoyuki Yamasaki
MISBSdownloadKiril Georgiev
CASTRAdownloadVesselin Vassilev

4th Day (Friday, 21st October, 2016)
Click here for The 4th Mission Idea Contest for Micro/nano Satellite Utilization (MIC4)
Local Chapter Report
downloadItalyFabio SantoniSapienza - University of Rome, Italy 
downloadEgyptAyman KassemCairo University
downloadTurkeyRustem AslanIstanbul Technical University
downloadJapanMengu ChoKyushu Institute of Technology
downloadBulgariaVesselin VassilevCASTRA
downloadSouth African RegionWillem JordaanStellenbosch University
downloadGermanyStephan Busch (on behalf of Klaus Schilling)Würzburg University
downloadMexicoBlanca Rebollar TrejoMexican Space Agency (AEM)

5th Day (22nd October, 2016)
Plenary Lecture
downloadItaly-Kenya University Nano Satellite (IKUNS) projectFabio SantoniSapienza - University of Rome, Italy
downloadPractical Methods in Teaching CanSatMohammed Khalil IbrahimNihon Univeresity, Japan (Cairo University, Egypt)
downloadAcknowledgement of new local chaptersRei KawashimaUNISEC-Global
downloadGroup Discussion Session OverviewTejumola Taiwo
Tomoyuki Yamasaki
Kyushu Institute of Technology,Japan
University of Tokyo, Japan
Click here for Group Discussion Session

6th Day (23rd October, 2016)
Special Speech
downloadSupport programmes for university satellite projectsWerner BaloghUnited Nations Office of Outer Space (UNOOSA)
downloadLessons learned from launching university satellitesMengu ChoKyushu Institute of Technology
Student Presentation
downloadGermanyStephan BuschWürzburg University
downloadEgyptAhmed Abd el-MoniemCairo University
downloadItalyAlice PellegrinoSapienza - University of Rome
downloadJapanKyohei YashimaTokyo Institute of Technology
downloadTurkeyMehmet Şevket ULUDAĞIstanbul Technical University
downloadBulgariaBogdan KonstantinovSofia University
downloadPeruJuan HuamaniNational University of Enginnering
downloadSouth AfricaHein WesselsStellenbosch University
downloadStudent SessionChair: Mr. Stoil Ivanov (Sofia University)
downloadDiscussion Result:How to initiate, plan and implement an university nano-satellite project - from idea to space


Hotel "Longoz"
Sanatorium and Wellness Complex Resort “Kamchia”
Municipality of Avren, city of Varna, Bulgaria

Location of the venue on Google maps (click to view)

(NOTE: At this moment the attendees shall NOT make reservations themselves with the hotel directly as the local organizer will make reservation as group.)

How to reach :
taxi/Rent-a-car from Varna Airport ( ~30 km, 30 min drive)
taxi/Rent-a-car from Burgas Airport (~90 km, 1h30min drive)
taxi/Rent-a-car from Sofia Airport (~470 km, 5h30min drive)
(domestic flights Sofia-Varna available, 50min flight)

Conference shuttle buses are to be available from some locations.


(same as the conference site)

Important Dates

Oct 5, 2015: Call for Paper
May 15, 2016: Extended Abstract Due for Student Representatives and Points of Contact
May 31, 2016:Abstract Due for Group Discussion Topics and Acknowledgment of new UNISEC local chapters
Jun 30, 2016: Notification
Sep. 1, 2016: Full paper submission Due
Oct 18-19, 2016: 7th Nano-Satellite Symposium presentation
Oct 20, 2016: Deorbit Device Competition
Oct 21, 2016: 4th Mission Idea Contest for Micro/nano Satellite Symposium
Oct 22, 2016: 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting (Group Discussion, Country Report)
Oct 23, 2016: Student Session (4th UNISON-Global), Acknowledgement of new Local Chapters


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Ms. Rei Kawashima (Secretary General, UNISEC-Global)
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2-3-2 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0032, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5800-6645 Fax: +81-3-3868-2208
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Mr. Michio Ozawa
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Email: secretariat@unisec-global.org

Local Organizer
Cluster for Aerospace Technologies, Research and Applications
(CASTRA), on behalf of UNISEC-Bulgaria

Dr. Vesselin Vassilev , General Manager
30, Boris Rangelov Str., 1138 Sofia, Bulgaria
tel.: +359 887 548 201
e-mail: info@castra.org

Please contact CASTRA for any additional information on the venue and Bulgaria.


October 20, 2016
Deorbit Device Competition Winners

Noboru Tada (Nihon University, Japan) won the first place in the DDC. Congratulations!
Inna Uwarowa (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland) and Morgan Roddy (The University of Arcansas, USA) won the second places. Congratulations!

October 14, 2016

Download the program pdf for the 7th Nano-Satellite Symposium and the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting download program

September 19, 2016
Group Discussion Topics

The group discussion topics were selected. See the list of the topics and the moderators.

August 29, 2016
The full paper deadline for DDC was extended to September 8, 2016.

August 18, 2016

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August 8, 2016
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July 31, 2016
The 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting will be held at Hotel Longoz in Varna, Bulgaria.

July 30, 2016
Bulgaria has been chosen as the new host country for UNISEC-Global Meeting. The new venue is Kamchia which is located 25km south from Varna. Detail logistic information will be available soon. Please note that the duration has been shorten to "Oct 18-23." from "Oct 17-23." Deorbit Device Competition will be held in Oct 20, not Oct 21.

July 21, 2016
Due to the growing security concerns in Turkey, we have decided to reconsider the venue for the 7th Nano-Satellte Symposium and the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting in Istanbul in October 17-23, 2016. We will announce the venue soon.

April 26, 2016
Deorbit Device Competition (DDC)

The abstract deadline was extended to May 31, 2016

April 25, 2016
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April 25, 2016
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April 23, 2016
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April 1, 2016
UNISEC Global Meeting- Extended Deadlines

The abstract deadlines for Student Representatives and Points of Contact were extended to May 15, 2016.

March 31, 2016
Deorbit Device Competition (DDC)

The abstract deadline was extended to Apr 30, 2016

March 4, 2016
Deorbit Device Competition (DDC)

DDC website is open!

January 14, 2016
Deorbit Device Competition (DDC)

DDC call for paper has been modified on Jan 14, 2016
Call for papers
Abstract Template

November 1, 2015
Deorbit Device Competition

Deorbit Device Competition (DDC) will be held in the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting.
Call for papers
Abstract Template

November 1, 2015
Deorbit Device Competition

Deorbit Device Competition (DDC) will be held in the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting.
Call for papers
Abstract Template

October 5, 2015
Call for papers

Call for paper for the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting is now available.

September 28, 2015
New Point of Contact

Please welcome Jim Hefkey (University of Auckland, NZ)
List of the Points of Contact

August 14, 2015
UNIGLO3 presentation movies

The presentation movies and slides are available for viewing online.

August 9, 2015

During the 3rd UNISEC-Global Meeting, the Local Chapter "UNISEC-ITALY" was acknowledged. Congratulations!

July 30, 2015
Abstracts by Student Reps student rep abstracts

The abstracts by the UNISEC Local Chapter Student Representatives are available now!

July 19, 2015
Presentation slides

The presentation slides from the 3rd UNISEC-Global Meeting are available.

July 16, 2015
The 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting

The 7th Nanosatellite symposium, the 4th Mission Idea Contest, and the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting will be held on 17-23 October 2016 at Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.




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