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Jim Hefkey

Professional Teaching Fellow, the University of Auckland, New Zealand

Jim Hefkey

Jim Hefkey is the director of the Auckland Programme for Space Systems – an undergraduate program that challenges students from all disciplines to identify and solve a problem using satellites. CubeSat's being built from this programme will be launched into orbit through New Zealand's own launch provider.

With a life-long interest in space Jims' goal is to establish space education programs throughout New Zealand. He is a graduate of the CanSat Leaders Training Program in Japan, NZ contact for UNISEC Global, active in the New Zealand Rocketry Association, and a foundation member of the KiwiSpace Foundation.

He currently holds the position of Professional Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland and has been part of a team working with University and Government to establish the Space Systems Institute for NZ. As well as his space related activities he lectures in Engineering Systems, Technology Management and Engineering Management.

Contact: jim.hefkey(at)auckland.ac.nz

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