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Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles were drawn up for UNISEC-Global in 2018 as a code of conduct.

Guiding Principles for UNISEC-Global

January 26, 2018

<Technology and Procedure>

  1. Be honest regarding project feasibility – openly recognize the technology and schedule risks that may impact success.
  2. Build a system that can work as designed in an environment where subsequent fixing is impossible.
  3. Only when you did your best to succeed, you could learn something even if you failed.
  4. Remember that there are rules that you must follow - from the Outer Space Treaty to through internal rules in your project.


  1. Refer to the achievements of others in the past and build your own achievement on that background.
  2. Setup appropriate and realistic targets considering your capability and capacity
  3. Recognize the pressure in other team members working to demanding deadlines on challenging projects; support and help reduce their stress wherever possible.
  4. Evaluate your results realistically and reflect them to your subsequent activities.

<Fundamental spirit>

  1. Use imaginative and innovative ways of achieving the maximum result using available personnel, technical and financial capabilities even if they are limited.
  2. Identify and work with your rivals and compete to stimulate innovation & mutual growth. Recognize other people's successes and use these to stimulate yourself further.
  3. Respect a spirit of mutual assistance. Seek ways to contribute to others, not only seeking help for yourself.
  4. Be careful not to be misled by the "bewitching nature and allure of space" or by flattering words. Be modest, constructively critical and sincere.

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