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The Nineth UNISEC-Global Meeting

*Payment information will be sent when you submit the registration form.

*If you can not use and submit the google form, please contact us by email.



Nov 27 (Mon) X-Nihonbashi Tower HEPTA-Sat Training
(Registration and payment are required)
Cross-U Reception
(Invited only)
Nov 28 (Tue) X-Nihonbashi Tower Space Job Fair International Space Job Fair Party (Optional)
Nov 29 (Wed) X-Nihonbashi Tower and Muromachi Mitsui Hall UNISEC-Global Meeting Keynote Speech MIC8 Final Presentation
(Muromachi Mitsui Hall)
Reception for UNISEC-Global 10th Anniversary
Nov 30 (Thu) X-Nihonbashi Tower Regional Report Earth Observation Data Workshop, Company Tour Student Session (Optional)
Dec 1 (Fri)X-Nihonbashi Tower Panel Discussion
UNISEC Constellation Mission
Max Berthet, the University of Tokyo, Japan
Herman Steyn, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
A. Rustem Aslan, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Cho Mengu, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Masashi Kamogawa, University of Shizuoka
J-CUBE Session, Company Presentation Gala Dinner (Optional)

1. Purpose

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment, the UNISEC-Global renews its founding spirits of “helping create a world where space science and technology are available by every country for the benefit of humankind” and explores a new possibility for another 10 years. The 9th UNISEC-Global Meeting stands on a starting line for such new time span, with the following purposes:

  • To follow-up the major results of the previous meeting (held at Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkiye in 2022),
  • To discuss and find a new way/direction for the UNISEC-Global to go in the next decade,
  • To explore possibilities of facilitating closer collaborations between academia and industry by attending the exhibition which the UNISEC-Global incorporates in the Nihonbashi Space Week, one of the biggest space industry events in Japan during the 9th Meeting,
  • To attend the Final Presentation Session of the 8th Mission Idea Contest which competes among 10 finalists' ideas of multiple satellite missions with the simultaneous interpretation service (Japanese/English),
  • By attending a workshop on the use of earth observation data during the Meeting, to get some knowledge which shows that the date use business would be more convenient and time-saving than the satellite manufacturing business (This would be a good suggestion for emerging countries.), and
  • To get information about the J-CUBE program of which purpose is to launch your CubeSat at much low cost from ISS in cooperation with a Japanese university.

2. Important date

8th Mission Idea Contest
Full Paper submission due: October 3, 2023
Final presentation: November 29, 2023
Pre-recorded final presentation video submission due: November 13, 2023
Regional Report Submission (POC and/or Student representative)
Pre-recorded video submission due: November 2, 2023
In-person presentation slides (PDF) submission due: November 13, 2023
Student Presentation Submission
In-person presentation slides (PDF) submission due: November 13, 2023

3. Venue

Accommodation near the venue(Booking.com)

4. Registration & Fees

Registration Fees
Category Early Birds (Till Oct. 26 (Thu)) Normal (Oct. 27 (Fri) - Nov. 21(Tue)) Onsite (Nov. 22(Wed) - )
UNISEC Student ¥24,000 (≒€150)¥24,000 (≒€150)¥32,000 (≒€200)
General Student ¥32,000 (≒€200)¥32,000 (≒€200)¥40,000 (≒€250)
UNISEC Professional ¥40,000 (≒€250)¥56,000 (≒€350)¥64,000 (≒€400)
General Professional ¥56,000 (≒€350)¥72,000 (≒€450)¥80,000 (≒€500)
Gala Dinner (Dec. 1) ¥17,000 (≒€110)
HEPTA-Sat Training (Nov. 27)Please contact to hepta(at)unisec.jp

The registration fee covers the fees of lunch (Nov 29 - Dec 1), morning and afternoon coffee/tea (Nov 29 - Dec 1), and reception (Nov 29).
You can calculate through following website (https://finance.yahoo.com/currency-converter/) to convert yen into your currency.


  • An early bird and normal payment should be made either in credit card (Paypal) or bank transfer
    (Please contact meeting(at)unisec-global.org if you prefer bank transfer.).
  • An onsite payment should be credit card (Paypal) only.
  • 'Student' means a person currently registered on a full-time program.
  • 'UNISEC student' means a person currently registered on a full-time program and on the name list which POC submitted to UNISEC-Global secretariat.
  • 'UNISEC Professional' means a person and a corporate member currently registered on any local chapters or preparatory committees for local chapter or UNISEC-Global secretariat.
  • Please contact <hepta(at)unisec.jp> for HEPTA-Sat Training.
  • 'UNISEC Student' includes student participants in the 8th Mission Idea Contest. 'UNISEC Professional' includes professional participants in the 8th Mission Idea Contest.
  • If you participate only in the MIC8 final presentation, you do not need to pay a registration fee for the UNISEC-Global Meeting.
  • If you participate only in the International Space Job Fair Party, you do not need to pay a registration fee for the UNISEC-Global Meeting.
  • Please submit your CV if you would like to participate the Space Job Fair.


Cancellation policy should be as follows:
Up to November 5 (Sun): No charge, except a commission fee of 5,000 yen.
November 6 (Mon) - 21 (Tue): 50 %
From November 22 (Wed) - : 100 %
This cancellation policy conforms to Japanese local time.

5. Program

The 9th UNISEC-Global Meeting Program


If you are required to obtain a Japanese visa and need an invitation letter, fill out the Invitation Letter Request Form and send it to the UNISEC-Global Office at <meeting(at)unisec-global.org>.

You may also need other visa supporting documents in addition to the invitation letter. Please note that it will take 3-4 weeks to obtain visa after document request, depending on your circumstances and location. For your reference, please visit the visa pages in the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: VISA | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

7. Official Language


8. Supporting Companies Program

Coming soon

9. Contact

UNISEC-Global Secretariat
c/o UNISEC-Japan
Central Yayoi 2F
2-3-2 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0032, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6826-4008
Email: meeting(at)unisec-global.org

10. Associated Event

Dec 4-7, 2023 6th International Workshop on Lean Satellite

9th UNISEC-Global Meeting is collaborating with NIHONBASHI SPACE WEEK 2023, and you can visit the exhibition (Nov 27(PM), 28, 29).

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