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Victor Mukungunugwa


Victor Mukungunugwa

Victor Mukungunugwa is a graduate Aerospace Engineer from the National Aerospace University of Ukraine. Upon completion, he acquired a cum-laude Honors BSc degree in Aircraft and Rocket Engineering in 2012. His first job was as an assistant lecturer and a lab technician at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa where he was doing his MSc in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Designing. In 2013 he joined Terracam Professional UAVs Pvt Ltd where he acquired his drone pilot and worked as a senior project manager for aerial surveys. He acquired hundreds of flying hours in Terracam for different aerial surveys as well as acquiring skills in Geographic Information Systems. He has vast experience in remote sensing for missions like mining, construction and agricultural surveys, mapping surveillance and reconnaissance, fugitive tracking, and mineral exploration He then joined the Government of Zimbabwe in 2015 and worked as a manager in the Aviation Research and Development Unit doing aircraft resuscitation and maintenance among other various projects.

He is currently working at the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency where he is a Senior Scientist and at the same time doing his MSc in Electrical Space Systems Engineering. He is also the Project Manager for the BIRDS 5 Satellite Project, a project in which Zimbabwe and Uganda are building their first satellites. He also took part in the KITSUNE Satellite Project where he was the structural engineer. His interests are in educating the young generation in Zimbabwe about space technology and increasing the space capabilities of Zimbabwe.

Contact: vikta2107(at)gmail.com, +81 8096 590 701

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