"By the end of 2030, let's create a world where university students can participate in practical space projects in all countries."

Vision of UNISEC-Global
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UNISEC-Global Terms of Reference

November 24, 2013


University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC)-Global envisions a world where space science and technology are used by individuals and institutions in every country, rich or poor, and offers opportunities across the whole structure of society–whether academic, industrial or educational– for peaceful purposes and for the benefit of humankind.


UNISEC-Global will create an environment that will promote the free exchange of ideas, info rmation and capabilities relating to space engineering and its applications, especially for young people, including those in developing countries and emerging economies.


1) UNISEC-Global is an international non-profit organization to facilitate and promote practical space development activities at university level, such as designing, developing, manufacturing, launching and operating micro/nano/pico satellites and rockets, including their payloads.
2) UNISEC-Global Members are universities, university groups, academic or educational organizations.
3) UNISEC-Global Members may organize themselves into Local Chapters that provide coordination at the country or regional level.
4) UNISEC-Global activities are coordinated by the UNISEC-Global Secretariat.
5) The executive organ of UNISEC-Global is the Steering Committee.


The primary means of achieving this vision and mission will be through practical projects in space engineering and its applications and to provide opportunities for education and human resources training that are of benefit to societies– not only in space development fields but also in various technology areas.
1) Members of UNISEC-Global must make a continuous effort to promote project -based space education.
2) Members of UNISEC-Global should make every effort to ensure that their respective policy- and decision-makers understand the importance of space education and support their activities.
3) Members of UNISEC-Global should share their activities openly so that other members can benefit from their experiences, know-how, problem solving techniques and skills.
4) Each Local Chapter will nominate one or two organizations (typically a University) and point-of-contact therein as their representative to coordinate other participants. The internal structure of the Local Chapters in UNISEC-Global can be implemented independently, reflecting the local conditions.
5) The UNISEC-Global Secretariat shall have no responsibility for the legal or financial activities of the members. All financial or other legal responsibilities of the activities of UNISEC-Global members or local chapters shall be assumed solely by themselves.

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