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Dr. Paolo Marzioli

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (DIMA), Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Paolo Marzioli

Paolo Marzioli received his PhD in Aeronautical and Space Engineering in Sapienza University of Rome in 2021, with a thesis based on nano-satellite navigation systems.

He belongs to the S5Lab Research group, where he participated in the development of four nano-satellites and three stratospheric payloads, as of 2022. He coordinated several student projects in space systems development for different International Programmes.

He is a Research Associate in Aerospace Systems at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (DIMA) at Sapienza University of Rome, where he teaches "Spacecraft Design" and "Aircraft Systems" with shared credit. His research topics are related to small space systems development, navigation and tracking systems for novel aerospace mission profiles and concepts, Space Traffic Management, space debris identification and tracking. Until the end of his PhD, he was the Student Representative for UNISEC-Italy.

Contact: paolo.marzioli(at)uniroma1.it

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