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Nikola Perović

Montenegro Space Research, Montenegro

Nikola Perović

Nikola Perović graduated at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Montenegro in Podgorica, where he specialized in programming and Robotics.
He has a wealth of experience in robotics, having been a part of the national Robotics team in Montenegro, and participating in numerous international, European, and world competitions with significant results.

In addition to his robotics work, Nikola is a co-founder and member of a regional organization called SESA, which aims to improve and educate countries in the region on space-related topics.
The organization deals with satellites, exploration of the universe, and representatives of this organization exchange experiences, knowledge, and new discoveries.
Nikola is the originator of a new chapter in Montenegro, and his goal is to initiate many new projects related to space, space objects, and research.

Nikola is passionate about educating young people on space-related topics and has conducted numerous workshops on this subject.
One of his main and current projects is the launch of the first Montenegrin satellite, "Luča," which is planned for next year.
As the head of Montenegro Space Research, he is working tirelessly to make this project a success and to advance the country's space-related endeavors.
His leadership, technical skills, and dedication to the field of space research make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Contact: nikola(at)spaceresearch.me

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