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Looking for New and the existing MIC Regional Coordinators who help play coordinating functions for the Pre-MIC 3 and MIC 3


The University Engineering Space Consortium (UNISEC) is currently looking for new or existing regional coordinators for Mission Idea Contest (MIC Regional Coordinator) around the world who have professional knowledge about space engineering at a university level and, especially good experiences of international cooperation.

UNISEC plans to make the existing MIC concept move forwards to collaborations between satellite users and satellite developers with an aim to realize mission ideas. Recently, UNISEC made the first announcement of the Pre-MIC3 during the UNISEC-Global Meeting.

In this context, UNISEC needs such coordinators to help support the realization of satellite mission ideas, including advisory functions for both satellite users and developers. As UNISEC is a non-profit private and educational entity in nature, it cannot help asking the coordinators to act on a voluntarily basis except an invitation to a relevant meeting convened by UNISEC.

Here are some functions to be expected as a regional coordinator:

  • Possible advice to satellite users and developers in your region and beyond
  • Coordinating functions between the above two within your capacity
  • Possible approach to policy makers and business people in your region for the realization of satellite mission ideas with an implication of contributing to a better future of your society or country
  • Consultation with MIC Office about the most effective ways of applying for the pre-MIC3, and for the MIC3 to be held in late fall 2014 (e.g. organizing a regional seminar, using a space event in your region or disseminating information through existing network)
  • Facilitating applications for the pre-MIC3 as satellite users or satellite developers in your region.

The duration of the term of the MIC Regional Coordinator will be the end of 2014, covering the period of the Pre-MIC3 and the MIC3 programs.

Finally, UNISEC would be grateful if any of the current Regional Coordinators could suggest or recommend potential candidates to UNISEC.

If you are interested in this new position, or you have any questions, please contact as soon as possible:

Rei Kawashima
Chair, Committee for International Relations
University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC)
Central Yayoi 2F, 2-3-2 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
113-0032, Japan
Email: info@spacemic.net
Tel: +81-3-5800-6645, Fax:+81-3-3868-2208

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