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Mehmet Sevket Uludag

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Mehmet Sevket Uludag

M. Sevket Uludag currently works as an Electronic Engineer for Space Department at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. His job responsibilities are; (1) To focus on small satellite projects, mostly related to the Delfi-PQ a 3 unit pocketqube, (2) development of subsystems with respect to department needs and (3) cleanroom/facilities manager. He started working on small satellites since his sophomore: He has a BSc degree with double major in Electrical engineering Mechanical engineering from Istanbul Technical University, where he also did his masters (MSc) in Astronautics & Aeronautics Engineering. As a research assistant he also worked in Istanbul Technical University with research focus on small satellites and their testing. In the field of small satellites he has an overall 12 years’ experience, involved in 5 CubeSats projects (3USAT, BEEAGLESAT, HAVELSAT, ASELSAT and UBAKUSAT) have been launched, for which he has developed and tested all the core subsystems for a small satellite plus a science unit, an X-Ray detection system. He has over 1000 hours of hands-on experience in thermal cycling test of CubeSats and various payloads and 200 hours for vibration testing.

His research interest includes design&development of nano/micro/pico satellites, miniaturization, standardization and testing.

Contact: m.s.uludag(at)tudelft.nl

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