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Call for papers for the 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting

Call for Papers Abstract Due Notification of Acceptance Abstract Template Full Paper
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Mission Idea Contest 3 (MIC3)
Visit the MIC3 website
4 Jul., 2014 1 Sept., 2014 Template for MIC3 abstract Download Template for MIC3 full paper Download
Due 15 Oct., 2014
info(at)spacemic.net Online
Student Representative
Template for Student Reps Download
4 Jul., 2014 1 Sep., 2014 Template for MIC3 abstract Abstract
biography template Student Rep Bio
N/A secretariat(at)unisec-global.org unison.global.op(at)gmail.com
Group Discussion Topics
Group Discussion Download
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4 Jul., 2014 1 Aug., 2014 No templates N/A secretariat(at)unisec-global.org secretariat(at)unisec-global.org
Acknowledgement of new UNISEC-Country/Region
Acknowledgement of new UNISEC-Country/Region Conditions for a new UNISEC-Region /Country
(Local Chapter)
31 Aug., 2014 30 Sept., 2014 Engty sheet Download N/A secretariat(at)unisec-global.org secretariat(at)unisec-global.org

2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting

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