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Ing. José Fortunato Oliden Martínez

The National University of Engineering (UNI)

Jose Oliden Martinez

Mr. José Oliden is a mechatronic engineer specializing in applied robotics, digital signal processing (DSP), digital circuits, embedded systems, Assesor in automatization and control projects, electronic equipment design, and electronic projects.

He currently lectures at both the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (National University of Engineering) and Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas UPC (Peruvian University of Applied Sciences).

He is a member of Mechatronic Engineering ENGITRONIC S.A.C: General Manager, private firm, dealing with industrial automatization projects and assessing local universities in the task of module development in electronic and mechatronic systems.

As a chief manager of the Nanosatellite Chasqui I, the High Technological Studies Office, and the Project UAV, he has served as a speaker in different local symposiums concerning nanosatellites, mechatronic developments, before the government , universities, and private firms.

He is also a member of the Robotic and Automation Society (RAS - IEEE) and served as President from 2010-2011. IEEE ID 80042195.

Contact: jose.oliden(at)gmail.com

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