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Dr. Jorge Kurita


Dr. Jorge Kurita

Dr. Jorge Kurita attended Universidad Nacional de Asuncion in Paraguay, where he got his BS in Electromechanical Engineering. After graduation, he spent some time in academia working as faculty. During this tenure, he taught courses on heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and physics. In 2004 Dr. Kurita was granted the Fulbright scholarship to attend a graduate program in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. He has finished his MS and then continued with a doctorate program. NASA and the NSF funded his doctorate research. Dr. Kurita's contribution to his field was well-published in several papers from high-impact journals. Since 2011 Dr. Kurita worked as a development engineer II in the competitive automotive industry, Filtran LLC, located in Des Plaines, Illinois. As an experimental researcher, his experience helped Filtran develop special testing techniques never implemented before on filtration systems. In addition, Dr. Kurita worked in the CAE group, contributing to developing simulation techniques to help build state-of-the-art filtration systems. Dr. Kurita participated in developing OEM filters; some of them obtained awards from Jatco and GM. From 2016 Dr. Kurita is back to his alma mater as an assistant professor in Universidad Nacional de Asuncion. Later the same year, he is appointed to lead the research department of the School of Engineering. In 2017 he was appointed to be the Mechanical Engineering Department head at Universidad Nacional de Asuncion. In August of the same year, Dr. Kurita is awarded the "Distinguished Citizen by the City Council of AsunciĆ³n" for his contributions to education in Paraguay's space sector. And in December of the same year, he was mentioned as the "Outstanding Protagonist of 2017" by the newspaper Ultima Hora. Currently, in addition to his activities in academia, Dr. Kurita is working as the General Director of Planning and Management at the Paraguay Space Agency.

Contact: gkurita(at)gmail.com

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