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Kerim Hadzic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kerim Hadzic

Kerim holds degrees from University SA and Beijing Institute of Technology, fluent in English, Chinese and German. For bachelor studies he studied process engineering, and for masters he studied turbomachinery (turbochargers). He has a specific interest for fluid mechanics and non-linear eigenvalue problems. Co-owner of two companies registered in Bosnia&Herzegovina, Derubis Caravans and Melius Cras. Currently serving as chief development officer in Derubis Caravans, an automotive company in Europe. Also, Kerim is the president of table tennis club Bosna, Sarajevo. Besides, pursues his interests in space education and space engineering. Because of this interest, he completed CLTP-11 course in August of 2022.

Contact: kerim1997(at)live.com

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