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Juan Nolasco


Juan Nolasco

Juan Nolasco is a seasoned Computer Science Teacher with a strong background in Electrical Engineering, based in Oporto, Portugal. Holding degrees from UTAD University and Portucalense University, he brings a robust educational foundation and extensive professional expertise to the field of space science and technology education. Since 2005, Juan has been actively involved with the Portuguese public pre-university and university educational systems, where he has led numerous space-related educational projects. His role extends beyond traditional teaching; he develops, implements, and evaluates STEM programs that align with both academic and industry standards, ensuring they meet the needs of students while integrating cutting-edge technological applications.

A committed advocate for international collaboration, Juan has a successful track record in global educational and space science projects. He has mentored student teams in prestigious competitions such as the ESA European CanSat Competition and the NASA Space Apps Challenge, actively fostering young minds to engage with space technology.

In recognition of his contributions to space science education, Juan has earned several accolades, including being named Teacher of the Year in Portugal in 2013 and receiving the Space Teacher Excellence Certificate in 2023.

Contact: juanolasco(at)gmail.com

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