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Msc. Gorki Encarnacion

The APEC University (UNAPEC), Dominican Republic

Msc. Gorki Encarnacion

Msc. Gorki Encarnacion is a professor of engineering at the APEC University (UNAPEC), Dominican Republic, since 2005. Computer Electronic Engineer from UNAPEC, with a Master's degree in Communications Electronics with a double degree from the UNAPEC (Dominican Republic) / UPRM (Puerto Rico) universities.). In addition, he has a postgraduate degree in Data Telecommunications at INTEC University. On the other hand, he has worked +25 years as an executive (CTO) of Telecommunications and Technology and consultant in companies in the electric sector.

Since 2016, he has been participating in nanosatellite training activities, first at the University of Nuevo Leon (Mexico), and then in the UNISEC CLTP7 program, in Saporo Japan. In 2017 he participated in Samara Russia in the Summer Space School course. Currently, together with other UNAPEC professors and students, they are developing a research project for the design and construction of a Cubesat for educational and scientific purposes, as well as the Earth station and the testing laboratory for the Cubesat.

Contact: gencarnacion(at)unapec.edu.do

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