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The 1st UNISEC-Global Meeting

Guidelines for the Registration

1. Participants without presentation
    Directly register online by Oct 31, 2013

2. Participants with presentation (CLOSED)
    You are requested to submit your abstract (application forms)* in one(s) of the following formats:
    *Your abstracts will be printed and distributed to the participants during the meeting.

Presentation CategoryRegistration DeadlinePresentation Date
UNISEC-Global, non-contestant End of August, 2013
Sun. November 24, 2013
Pre-MIC3 (satellite user) August 20, 2013
Sat. November 23, 2013
Pre-MIC3 (satellite developer) End of August, 2013
Sat. November 23, 2013

(Note: UNISEC will strictly handle the collected personal information in compliance with the privacy protection norms.)

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