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Edgar Mujuni


Edgar Mujuni

Edgar Mujuni is one of the three Ugandan Engineers that designed, built, tested and launched the country's first ever satellite (PearlAfricaSat-1). He is currently working with Science, Technology and Innovation, Office of the President.

Edgar holds a master's degree in Space Systems Engineering from Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan, where he graduated in 2022. He also holds a first Class Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Kyambogo University in Uganda where he developed the best individual project in his final year in 2015. Edgar did a CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) course from Makerere University in Uganda in 2017.

Edgar is a developer of Edu-Sat, an educational satellite that uses Lora Communication system with a 3D printed structure, which he is spearheading towards creating awareness about space science and engineering among Ugandan young engineers. His research interests are satellite Communications systems and ground station Networks for auto operation of satellites.

Contact: edgarmujuni(at)gmail.com

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