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Prof. dr. eng. Daniel-Eugeniu Crunțeanu

Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania

Prof. dr. eng. Daniel-Eugeniu Crunțeanu

Prof. dr. eng. Daniel-Eugeniu Crunțeanu is currently the general director of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and the dean of the Aerospace Engineering Faculty within National Science and Technology Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania, where he coordinates the Aerospace Propulsion and Environmental Protection and Holistic Space Systems Master Programs and the Propulsion Systems Bachelor Program.

He has an extensive 20 years teaching experience, completing all professional stages until becoming university professor, authorised also as coordinator for PhD students in aerospace sciences. He holds a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering from Polytechnica University of Bucharest, Romania, and also a Master of science in Public business management from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Romania. He was project manager for several research projects, is a member of the International Association for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics GAMM – Germany, the American Association for Science and Technology and reviewer for more publications. He has top management analysis ability and can transform working plans into operational programmes, having good organisational and managerial skills, currently holding a leadership position both in administration and university sector.

Contact: daniel.crunteanu(at)upb.ro

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