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Prof. Kamel Besbes

Faculté des Sciences de Monastir, Tunisia

Dr. Besbes

Kamel Besbes was born in 1960 in Monastir, Tunisia. He received the B.S. degree from the Faculty of Sciences of Monastir (Tunisia) in 1985, the M.S. degree from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France) in 1986, the PhD degree from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA), France, in 1989 and the “State Doctorate Degree” from the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis (Tunisia) in 1995.

In 1989, he joined the Faculty of Sciences of Monastir as an Assistant Professor of Physics and Electronics. He has established teaching and research laboratories in microelectronics since 1990. Research efforts are focused on microelectronics from devices to embedded micro-systems and Instrumentation for detection and navigation for space application.

He has 120, published and presented numerous papers at workshops and conferences and in technical journals. He participated to the scientific and organization committee of several workshops and conferences as International Conference on Microelectronics since 1992 until now and Smart Systems & Devices since 2001. He was the vice-dean of the Faculty since six years (2000-2005). He is elected as the Dean of Sciences Faculty for three years 2008-2011. He is a member of the university council since 2005 until now. He is now a Professor and the head of the Microelectronics and Instrumentation Lab.

Contact: kamel.besbes(at)fsm.rnu.tn

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