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Dr. Barbara Bermudez-Reyes

Faculty of Engineering
National Autonomous University of Mexico, North-Mexico

Dr. Barbara Bermudez-Reyes

Dr. Bárbara Bermúdez Reyes has a PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Science. She is professor at National Autonomous University of Mexico, she has Level I of the National System of Researchers since 2012. She has certifications from Keio University and Kyushu Institute of Technology in CanSat mission design, as well as mechanical and thermal testing for satellites. In 2017, she was recognized as a Mexican Woman in Space in the area of Engineering by CITEDI-IPN. She is a disseminator of aerospace science and technology; Also, she has collaborated in the organization of the national CANSAT competitions since 2015 and She has been a project evaluator for the Technological Research and Development Institute of the Mexican Navy and the Ministry of Defense. She is an active member of the National Thematic Network for Space Science and Technology and the National Laboratory for Space and Automotive Engineering. She was general secretary of the Mexico Chapter of the University Space Engineering Consortium from 2014-2020. Currently, she is the leader of the project “Design of a CubeSat-type satellite structure”, for which the patent was obtained in 2022, She is part of the working group of “Vitroceramic coatings resistant to cosmic radiation” and contact point in Mexico for the World Cansat/ Rocketry Championship and UNISEC-Global.

Contact: barbara.bermudez(at)ingenieria.unam.edu

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