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Fernando Aguado-Agelet, Ph.D

University of Vigo, CINAE (Galician Aerospace Centre), Spain

Dr. Agelet Fernando Aguado-Agelet received his MSc and PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Vigo, Spain, in1992 and1996. His major field of study is system engineering in nanosatellites. He is a Professor in the Department of Signal Theory and Communications at the University of Vigo, Spain.

He is currently the Principal Investigator of the following Nanosatellite Projects:
  • HUMSAT Nanosatellite Constellation, an international initiative for a United Nations Satellite Constellation
  • European Operation Node of GENSO
  • Xatcobeo Project in cooperation with INTA (Spanish Aerospace Institute):
    development and launch of a 1U Cubesat selected for the maiden flight of the new European Launcher, Vega. (www.xatcobeo.com)
He is also involved in the Ground Segment of the following ESA Projects:
ESEO: European Student Earth Orbiter
ESMO: European Student Moon Orbiter

Contact: faguado(at)tsc.uvigo.es

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