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Abhas Maskey

Abhas Maskey

Abhas Maskey did his B.Sc (2014) and M.Sc (2016) in Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University under Prof. In-Seuck Jeung. He then did his PhD(2020) under Prof. Mengu Cho at Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech). His research interests are in CubeSat camera design, building on-board machine learning models for imagery and satellite project management.

Abhas has worked in EU backed QB50 SNUSAT1/1b (2U), Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) funded SNUSAT-2 (3U), Kyutech's BIRDS-3 (1U) and KITSUNE (6U) projects. He worked under the capacity of Hardware Lead in SNUSAT projects, Project Manager for BIRDS-3 and Camera Lead for KITSUNE. BIRDS-3 built the first satellite for Nepal, NepaliSat-1.

After UNISEC's CLTP-7 (2016), Abhas has conducted CanSat trainings in Nepal annually. As of 2020, his SastoSat CanSat programs in collaboration with UNISEC-Nepal has reached over 150 students from 15 different institutions with participants from Grade-7 and above. His current focus is to build sustainable, low-cost grass-root level CanSat programs in Nepal for post-pandemic era.

Contact: editor(at)madeinepal.com

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