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VISA Information

You may be required to obtain a Japanese visa to visit the country. Please contact your nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate Office and ask if you need a visa, or you may visit the visa pages in the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

For those who need a Japanese visa, it is advisable to start necessary procedures well in advance (more than ten days, depending upon where you live). Here are some examples of such procedures:
1. Requesting an invitation letter and other supporting documents (2-3 days).
2. Sending these documents by overseas courier service such as FedEx (4-10 days)
3. Applying for visa at the Embassy or Consulate Office with our documents and your documents (within 5 working days).

When you need an invitation letter, you are requested to fill in the Invitation Letter Request Form and send it back to the UNISEC-Global Office as an e-mail attachment:

If you have any questions about a Japanese visa, please contact the above mail address. (Thank you)

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