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The Fifth UNISEC-Global Meeting will be held in 2-4, December, 2017 at Sapienza - Università di Roma, Italy.
2nd Debris Mitigation Competition, Pre-MIC5 workshop, Local Chapter Report, Student Session (UNISON-Global), Group Discussion, Acknowledgement of New Local Chapters, etc will be organized in three days.


Merits of Sponsorship

  • Increase in Recognition by Foreign Participants including Developing Countries.
  • UNISEC-Global Under Application for UN Observer Status. Temporary Status Likely. Expected PR Effects to Foreign Governments as Supporting Company.
  • New Personal Exchange with Participants by Exemption from Registration Fee.
  • Encountering New Innovative Ideas Presented by Foreign Students or Researchers at the Meeting.
  • Deepening Awareness of Space Debris Issues.

Sponsorship Program

Logo on web Logo on Program 1 page Advertisement on program Sales Promotion Onsite Contest Prize Sponsor Exemption from payment of Registration Fee
Course A
4,000 Euro
Up to 2 people
Course B
1,600 Euro
- - Up to 1 person
Course C
800 Euro
- - - Up to 1 person
Course D
800 Euro
- - - - Up to 1 person
Custom made program would be possible. Tax not included.

Travel Funding Support

Invitation to Exhibition

If you are interested in booth presentation, please contact secretariat(at)unisec-global.org

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