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Arno Barnard

University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

POC of the UNISEC Southern Africa Region

Arno Barnard

Mr. Barnard received his B. Eng(Electric and Electronic) in 1999 and MSc Eng(Computer Systems) in 2001. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Electronic Engineering: Radiation effects on digital electronics: Testing principles and Practices.

He has been serving at University of Stellenbosch as Junior Lecturer from 2001-2003, Engineering Manager from 2003-2009, and Lecturer from 2010. Since 2001, he's been involved with several Satellite development projects and recently the Sumbandila Satellite project.

He is also the point of contact of the UNISEC Southern Africa Region.

Contact: abarnard(at)sun.ac.za

Professor Robert van Zyl

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Professor Robert van Zyl

Robert is the Director of the French South African Institute of Technology (F'SATI) at the Cape PeninsulaUniversity of Technology, South Africa. Trained in high-frequency microelectronics, he has recently become keenly involved in the field of nanosatellites as vehicles to develop human capacity in science, engineering and technology. F'SATI started a CubeSat programme in 2009. The programme quickly grew to a postgraduate student body of 50. They have developed Africa's first CubeSat in space, which was launched in 2013. Their second CubeSat will be launched in 2018. In his spare time, he is an active amateur french horn player.

Contact: vanzylr(at)cput.ac.za

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