Review Team

Professor Craig Underwood

Head of the Environments and Instrumentation Group
University of Surrey
BSc (York), PGCE (York), PhD (Surrey), FBIS, MIEEE

Craig heads the Environments and Instrumentation Group within the Surrey Space Centre, which has the remit of developing the instruments, systems and data processing techniques needed to investigate the Earth and other planetary environments from space. A particular focus of the group is on the development of low-mass, low-volume and low-power “micro-instrumentation” suitable for use on micro/nano-satellite technology platforms. Current research activities include the analysis of the space and atmospheric radiation environments and their effects on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) avionic technologies; the development of miniaturised instrumentation for ionising-radiation detection, UV-VIS-NIR and thermal-IR satellite remote sensing; micro-satellite-based radar imaging; a Mars VTOL autonomous micro-air-vehicle, and micro-nanosatellite technologies.


Craig graduated from the University of York in 1982 with a B.Sc. in Physics with Computer Science. After gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 1983, he began a teaching career at Scarborough Sixth-Form College where he developed satellite activities. In January 1986, Craig joined the University of Surrey as a Research Fellow/Engineer developing space education programmes and working on the UoSAT series of spacecraft, where he was responsible for the generation and maintenance of software for the UoSAT Satellite Control Ground-Station, mission analysis, thermal design and radiation environment and effects analysis and mitigation. In 1993, Craig became a Lecturer in Spacecraft Engineering advancing to Senior Lecturer in 1999, Reader in April 2003, and full Professor in April 2012. Craig was Deputy Director of the Surrey Space Centre from 2007 to 2014. Craig heads the Environments and Instrumentation Group developing the concepts, instruments and techniques to investigate the Earth and other planetary environments from space.

Craig is author or co-author of some 200 scientific papers and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Spacecraft Engineering, Communications Payloads, Space Science and Remote Sensing at the University of Surrey.

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