Frequently Asked Questions

Could you introduce useful tool for analyzing end of life for satellites?

ESA's Debris Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis tool (DRAMA)

CNES offers free software “the Semi-analytic Tool for End of Life Analysis (STELA)

Is there a list of suggested reading?

Space Debris Environment Remediation, H. Klinkrad & N.L. Johnson (Ed.'s), International Academy of Astronautics, ISBN 2-917761-30-4, Aug. 2013

Space Debris Mitigation, C. Bonnal & W. Flury (Ed.'s), International Academy of Astronautics, ISBN 2-9516787-7-0, May 2006

Space Traffic Management, P. Lala & K.-U. Schrogl (Ed.'s), International Academy of Astronautics, ISBN 2-9516787-5-4, 2006

ISO 24113:2011(en) Space systems — Space debris mitigation requirements

Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) References

UNOOSA resources (Specifically the documents under "Regulatory and Legal Issues" and JSPOC recommendations under "Orbital Data Information and Conjunction Assessment Services")

De-orbiting Strategies download, Herman Styen, presentation at DDC pre-committee meeting, Jan, 2016

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