Requirements for Deorbit Device

The author will propose the deorbit device that satisfies the following requirements:

  1. The device is mounted on a CubeSat (1U, 2U or 3U) that complies with CubeSat Design Specification given by California Polytechnic State University

  2. The device will be activated at 21:00:00 UTC, October 21, 2018 with the following orbit element:
    - semi-major axis : 6930 km
    - orbital inclination : 97.6 degree
    - eccentricity : 0.002
    - R.A.A.N. : 30 degree
    - Argument of Perigee : 210 degree
    - Mean Anomaly : 190 degree

Evaluation Criteria 

The proposed deorbit device is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Effectiveness
    How effectively and how fast can the device make the satellite de-orbit?

  2. Mass and envelope at launch
    Does the device fit CubeSat (1U-3U) at launch?

  3. Cost
    Is it affordable for university satellites?

  4. Technical feasibility - Mechanical and electrical design
    Is the device designed to function properly?

  5. Impact on the satellite
    Is the device (power, mass, weight, etc.) suitable for CubeSat?

  6. Reliability
    Is the device designed to fail with a low probability?

  7. Safety
    Does the device influence other satellites when it is launched?

  8. Maintenance before launch
    Is the device robust and hard to break?

  9. User friendliness
    Is the device easy to interface to the satellite?

  10. Debris risk
    Does the device generate risks in producing additional debris? Will it function even if satellite has problem in functioning?

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