Review Team

Professor Toshiya Hanada

Space Systems Dynamics Laboratory, Kyushu University, Japan

Prof. Dr. Hanada studied Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics at Kyushu University in Japan. After he graduated with the degree of Doctor of Engineering in 1994, he joined Kyushu University as a Research Associate. Currently he is a Professor at Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and also at International Centre for Space Weather Science and Education. He is teaching astrodynamics and spacecraft technology. His research interest is to confirm whether or not we really have to clean up space junks out there as in ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ, the Japanese science fiction comics featuring space debris issues. To figure out the right answer to his question, he is leading IDEA the project for In-situ Debris Environmental Awareness, initiated by graduate students at Kyushu University. He has experiences staying at NASA Orbital Debris Program Office with support from U.S. National Research Council and Kyushu University. He also has an experience conducting micro satellite impact experiments with support from NASA Orbital Debris Program Office.

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