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Dr. Jorge Ferrer-Pérez

Associate professor of the National University Autonomous of Mexico-School of Engineering

Dr. Jorge Ferrer-Pérez

Dr. Jorge Ferrer-Pérez is associate professor of the National University Autonomous of Mexico-School of Engineering. He received his Ph.D. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend in United States. He is part of the Advance Technology Unit- Aerospace Engineering Department and responsible of the Space Propulsion and Thermo-vacuum lab. This facility belongs to the National Laboratory of Space and Automotive Engineering (LN-INGEA) at Juriquilla, Querétaro. His current research areas are nano-heat transfer in solid state devices, thermal control, space propulsion, certification test for space systems and development of small satellites.

He has been involved in several collaborative project to foster space sector in México such as microsatellite Quetzal to monitor pollution is big cities, nanosatellite K'-OTO to perform remote sensing, establishment of state of the art facilities to design, fabricate, integrate, test and operate space systems. Likewise, he is part of the Committee to stablish national norms for space systems in the nation, Finally He has been involved in the creation of new undergraduate program in Aerospace Engineering in México.

Contact: ferrerp(at)unam.mx

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